Academic Directors


Academic Directors of Lodhi Classes

Physics – Mr. Atuldeep Kothari, B. Tech. FETRBSC, C – DAC 2006

Teaching physics since 2007, He is a passionate teacher of physics & a hard working on who is always available in institute from 7 : 00 am to 7 : 00 pm, due to his availability, students can seeks help from him anytime. Most favourite physics teacher of Bio-student.

He starts his classes from ‘The Basics of Physics’ associated with the maths, so as to remove the phyics phobia among the students, especially concerned with integration, differentiation & logarithm etc.

He stresses on developing the cocept of the students, he explains and satisfies the query of the students up to the last detail. He makes the students do 400 to 500 problems ( questions) per topic in the classroom itself till the students are confident on the developed concept.

Chemistry  – Mr. Vipin Tiwari

Teaching Chemistry since 25 years. He is the most charismatic teacher of chemistry. He has produced several top rankers of IIT, AIEEE, AIPMT (NEET) & AIIMS.

His distinctive style of teaching , absolute command over the subject has greatly helped the students to comprehend complicated concepts of chemistry and has made it interesting and easy. He is blessed to have the rarest occurence of equal command on all three areas of chemistry viz , physical, Organic & Inorganic.

His simplified approach to chemistry has made the student go deeper into conceptual levels thereby garnering in – depth knowledge. He has been also to make close rapport with each & every student, which has made classroom teaching interesting. Above all his inspring skills have made the students work harder & achieve all the success in their life.

Chemistry – Mr. Anurag Baghel , B.V.Sc & AH (FY)

He is youngest Joiner fellow in Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Trombay. He is passionate young professional who has been a bright inspiration as a teacher. His short still comprehensive study notes in very lucid language makes chemistry very easy. He always aspire to work in a professional environment, utilize his knowledge and skill gained during the classroom. His unorthodox teaching skills make chemistry very easy & cover the subject in most practical manner.

Botany – Mr. Arvind Lodhi, PG

He has a special ability to assesses his teaching throughout the lessons/chapter and develops new ideas to render subject in easiest way to make sure that every student understands the key concepts, that’s why his classroom notes, and printed notes are unique in all India. He maintain professionalism in all areas – from personal appearance to organizational skills and preparedness for each day.

He teaches botany in Hi-Tech manner by the use of Lap-top, projector & videos of smart classes. He has replaced the misnomer that ‘Botany is the subject to mug.’’ With his unique scientific method of teaching.

His indefatigable efforts to post the students to AIIMS is the icing on cake. A very meticulous planner.

Zoology – Dr. Devendra Lodhi, MBBS.MS    

He himself is a Doctor and passed-out from, 10+2 pattern, along with clearance of PMT examination, that’s why  he understands the each and every difficulty that are being faced by students during this exam. So he has developed lots of way to tackle hurdles in a simpler way.

He catechize zoology in a very interesting manner by means of various illustration. His elucidate and clarify teaching has helped thousand of students to grab medical college of their dreams at national as well as well state level.

He heartily believes that examinations don’t test what you know they test how well you can. Therefore, choose the gateway of a long journey and begin it along with Dr. Lodhi.

Mathematics – Prof. Surya Bazal Jain, B.E.(ECE), M.Tech.

She is an Assistant Professor in Gyan Ganga Group since 2015. She has a passionate for mathematics and can share and instill that passion upon their students. Her aim is to ensure high quality learing takes place through the effective teaching of lessons and the participation in activities in support of the aims of the institute.

Teaching Strategies

She keeps up with the best practices in math education and regularly incorporates them into her instruction to help all of her students learn who have traditionally struggled with arithmetic begin to build confidence in their skills. She also understands there may be multiple ways to solve problems and uses those alternate strategies to help struggling students grasp difficult concepts. Her lesson plans engage students and help them fell confident in their mathematical abilities.

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